Stefan King
International Senior Colorist

DaVinci Resolve bei
My Weapon of choice

DaVinci Resolve

I am a senior colorist with over 14 years of experience in tv commercials and corporate short/long-forms. I can offer my own grading environment based in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg at DIFFERENCE CC GmbH.

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I have a strong IT background and expertise in offline and online application development. 2020 I developed, a utility-rich SaaS Startup to safely stream online high quality digital sessions like color-grading, editing, compositing or briefings in real time. is used by the largest agencies, production companies and post-productions in Europe.

Main Focus

Stefan King Color Grading Studio, Berlin
DaVinci Resolve Color Grading
Stefan King Color Grading Studio, Berlin
Quality Control
Stefan King Color Grading Studio, Berlin
Postproduction &
Workflow Supervising